Eco-Lander Precision Technology: Introducing Advanced German Cleaning Technology, Leading the Solution for High Particle Cleanliness in Taiwan

Located in the Dali Industrial Park in Taichung, Eco-Lander Precision Technology was established in 2019. The company is well-known for introducing Germany’s most advanced environmentally friendly, low-carbon, and efficient vacuum close system cleaning solutions. They have become the first enterprise in Taiwan to provide comprehensive solutions for customers in need of high cleanliness services for components of fuel vehicles, electric vehicles, medical devices, aerospace parts, automotive electronics, and more.

Eco-Lander Precision Technology’s official website,, showcases their services, including the sales of Germany brand Hoeckh vacuum close system cleaning machines, contract cleaning, chemical management, and particle inspection services certified by TAF (Taiwan Accreditation Foundation).

The vacuum close system cleaning solutions provided by Eco-Lander Precision Technology are widely applied in European, spanning from components of fuel vehicles, electric vehicles, medical devices, aerospace parts, to automotive electronics. Through vacuum close system technology, Eco-Lander can thoroughly remove microscopic particles and contaminants, ensuring high product quality and reliability, while achieving zero VOC emissions, low carbon footprint, and high efficiency.

Their services include cleaning machine sales, providing customers with advanced cleaning equipment to meet their specific needs. Additionally, they offer contract cleaning services flexibly to ensure customers’ products are cleaned in a particle-controlled environment. Eco-Lander also provides chemical management services to help customers in effective management, control of usage, and significant reduction in chemical cleaners consumption. Furthermore, their particle inspection service is TAF certified, guaranteeing that customers’ products meet the strictest cleanliness requirements.

To better showcase their services to customers, Eco-Lander Precision Technology has launched a striking promotional video.

The video vividly demonstrates their capabilities in providing high cleanliness cleaning services and their commitment to achieving this goal in an environmentally friendly and low-carbon manner.

For more information about Eco-Lander Precision Technology, please visit their official website,, or contact them directly. Their professional team is always ready to provide personalized solutions.

Eco-Lander Precision Technology, which has emerged in the field of cleanliness services in Taiwan, will continue to provide excellent services to customers based on advanced German technology, ensuring that each project meets the highest cleanliness standards. Their goal is to drive the development of the cleanliness service industry in Taiwan through continuous growth and breakthroughs.